February 5th, 2019
Could This Be the Ultimate Phone Case for Travelling?

Whether it met its doom in the swimming pool, at the beach, during a romantic Jacuzzi session or in the less-glamorous depths of the toilet bowl, chances are you’ve got story about that heart-dropping moment when your mobile phone met its sorry end on holiday.

seaquatix phone case

Luckily, Seaquatix is here to provide that invisible hand to catch your phone before it falls. The brand’s stylish phone case selection, available in a range of Insta-worthy colours for both Apple and Android devices, promises to be 100% waterproof at up to a maximum depth of 20 metres for up to two hours – plus are resistant to sand, dust and snow.

seaquatix phone case

The idea for the Seaquatix phone case was born from the owner’s own desire to snorkel amongst tropical sea life, and go kayaking, sailing and swimming whilst keeping her valuables safe. The cases are compact but offer just enough room to squeeze in your passport, cash or hotel key if you so desire – perfect for those occasions you’re just not comfortable leaving your belongings unattended on the beach.

seaquatix phone case

Unlike other waterproof cases, it allows you to use your phone whilst in water so you can upload and share photos and videos with friends and family or your social channels instantly. Because after all, if you don’t Insta that dreamy holiday shot straight away… did it even happen?


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