A wellness retreat for holistic healing

This World Health Day, it’s time to embark on a journey of total fitness and wellness at Atmantan Wellness Resort, Pune.

Health is not truly valued until sickness comes. And COVID-19 has ensured that we start focusing on our health and fitness, something that we may have ignored thanks to our busy lives.

It also begs us to ask the question, ‘Is our body equipped to deal with such diseases?’ Most of the time, the answer will be ‘no’. Thanks to the lifestyles many of us lead today.

But it’s never too late to start working towards being the healthiest version of yourself. This pandemic is also a wake-up call for us to brush off the crumbs of all the cookies, cakes, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches and hit the ground running, literally. But keeping your health in check is not all about hitting the gym. It’s also about wellness, a fact that many people overlook. While exercise is a vital aspect of wholesome health, you also need to focus on your eating habits and mental wellbeing.

And this is exactly what Atmantan, a wellness retreat near Pune, focuses on. The name ‘Atmantan’ literally translates to the holistic amalgamation of your ‘atma’ (soul), ‘mana’ (mind) and ‘tann’ (body). The luxury retreat has only goal: to transform and rejuvenate guests from within.

The founders of the retreat, Sharmilee Agrawal Kapur and Nikhil Kapur say, “Atmantan is a destination that helps individuals put themselves first, a place that takes us away from our hectic lives and helps us re-connect with ourselves, while placing our needs, wants and desires at top priority, such that we are eventually inspired to do this for every day of our lives.

“A place to make us fall in love with ourselves… After all, ‘you’ as your top priority is not entirely as selfish as it sounds, it is in fact, the very need of the hour.”

Far away in the hills

Nestled in the lush Western Ghats of Mulshi, Maharastra, Atmantan exudes peace and tranquillity. Atmantan is a strong believer in the fact that true wellness is more than the mere absence of disease. It’s in fact determined by the decisions and choices people make to live their lives with vitality and meaning.

This principle is reflected in almost every offering of Atmantan. Be it the sustainable architecture of the resort, the organic and healthy meals, or even the integrated wellness therapies. With the help of certified experts in yoga, ayurveda, naturopathy and fitness, Atmantan curates customised wellness therapies for everyone.

So, when you start your wellness journey at Atmantan, your daily schedule could include yoga sessions, aromatherapy massages, restorative physiotherapy, detoxes and more. Atmantan also goes beyond these and offers disease management, fitness sessions, injury management and more.

Luxury Escapes offers two fantastic packages from Atmantan: Experience Atmantan and Wellness Escape.

Experience Atmantan: Take your first step towards wellness with a package that focuses on making you aware of all things healthy and rejuvenating. In addition to nourishing your body with some farm-to-table meals, set your body right with some yogic kriyas, yoga, spinning, pranayama breathing, meditation, laughter therapy and more. Your complimentary Rs 1,000 wellness voucher allows you to try your hand at any other fitness regime that catches your eye too.

Wellness Escape: For those who want to switch off from the world and enjoy a revitalising escape, this package is simply perfect. Start your wellness vacation with a wellness consultation that measures your metabolic function in real time with a metabolic chart. Rather than using height-weight-age charts and equations that estimate metabolic rate, this chart actually measures your energy expenditure through your expelled breath, which empowers you to address your weight management most effectively by giving you a personalised fitness and nutrition plan.
There’s also a postural assessment and body composition analysis, which includes a back, neck and shoulder massage and a holistic revitaliser/hydrator facial. So, you can expect to be completely pampered.

Food for the soul: Keeping in line with the philosophy of the retreat, Atmantan also creates cuisine with a twist. Expect to relish healthy and farm-fresh spa cuisine that will nourish your body, mind and soul. Atmantan strongly believes in the saying, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. Consequently, the food is enriched by nutritional ingredients, seasonal vegetables and fruits, and organic produce. Also, Atmantan infuses every dish with aromatic herbs and spices that will tingle your tastebuds while providing you with maximum nutrition.

Travel when safe: It goes without saying that now is not the right time to travel. But who says you can’t plan ahead, for a better future, for a healthier you? The travel validity of our deals to Atmantan is until 31 March, 2021.
Buy Now, Choose Dates Later: Since this is a limited time deal, if you’re unsure of when you can travel then just buy the voucher on a ‘Buy Now, Choose Dates Later’ basis. And once you have some clarity on when it’s safe to travel, pick your dates.

Accessibility: This lush green haven is located just 52 km from Pune and 173 km from Mumbai. The drive is easy and scenic.

So, this World Health Day, get your health back on track. All you have to do is take a holiday.

Check out everything about the wellness packages from Atmantan here: https://luxuryescapes.com/in/offer/atmantan-resort-mulshi-pune-india/0062y000002LdjsAAC?utm_source=magazine&utm_medium=article&utm_content=atmantan


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