June 12th, 2018
Nine Reasons to Visit Phu Quoc

Tired of Bali? Been to Thailand too many times? The Greek islands just a little bit too far away for a short holiday? We have the perfect destination for you.

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We’ll give you a few hints: it’s a tropical island, easy to reach, with white sands, turquoise waters, tropical rain forest and unrivaled natural beauty.

It also happens to be the largest island in Vietnam – but also the country’s best-kept secret. It’s Phu Quoc, a stunning Vietnamese island just off the coast of Cambodia, lying peacefully in the blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

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If you’re not convinced yet, we have put together a few reasons why you should visit Phu Quoc – before the rest of the world does.

1 – It’s full of unspoiled beaches 

With over 150 km of coast, Phu Quoc is every beach lovers’ paradise. There are over 20 postcard-perfect beaches where you can work on that tan, including Sao Beach  – famous for its crystal clear waters and fine, white sand – Bai Dai Beach – the island’s top beach, with lush vegetation and blue waters, and Khem Beach – the most beautiful beach on the island, surrounded by lush tropical jungle and white-pink sand.

2 – It’s easy to reach 

Getting there is so easy: flights to Phu Quoc International Airport depart from major Australian cities with one or more stops en route, in either Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. (And if you are staying at the incredible VinOasis Phu Quoc, airport transfers to and from the resort are included in your package – so your holiday starts the minute you board your flight)

3 – Half of the island is a national park 

Established by the Vietnamese Government in 2001 and covering over 50% of the island, a visit to the Phu Quoc National Park is a must.  Located across the North of the island, the park consist of both land and sea areas, and aims at protecting oceanic species as well as native wildlife. Hire a bike and find your slice of paradise in the north of the island.

4 – Unique marine life 

Get your snorkel ready for action, as Phu Quoc is a hub of marine activity, boasting 108 species of corals, over 135 species of coral reef fish and 132 different types of mollusks – not to mention turtles, dugong (a medium-sized marine mammal similar to manatees) and perfect warm waters to splash in.

5 – Luxurious resorts 

… including the brand new VinOasis Phu Quoc, the newest beach and entertainment resort nestled within the tranquil Bai Dai beach.

VinOasis is the latest addition to the internationally recognized Vinpearl Hotels & Resorts portfolio, offering an exquisite collection of five-star luxury resorts in some of the world’s most beautiful islands.

The resort is beautifully decorated with Southeast Asian touches and boasts a long list of modern amenities and entertainment facilities, making it the perfect place for a memorable holiday. Plus, you will have unlimited access to the incredible  Vinpearl Land and Vinpearl Safari!

Vinpearl Land is home to thrilling rides and attractions – including water slides, an aquarium, a fairytale castle to explore and an indoor gaming zone, whilst Vinpearl Safari is home to 150 species including Asian elephants, white Bengal tigers, African lions, camels and more in a unique safari-style setting.

6 – It’s the perfect place for a fun family holiday

Not only is easy to reach, making for a stress-free journey, but kids will LOVE Phu Quoc – and the island will surely keep them entertained. Phu Quoc is not only home to stunning beaches and perfect waters to snorkel in, but also home to the one and only, incredible Vinpearl Land – the Disneyland of Vietnam. Getting to this massive amusement park is an experience on its own, as you will board the world’s longest oversea cable car (3,320 meters!)

7 – All of the seafood

Phu Quoc is full of amazing, fresh seafood. Head to Duong Dong’s market – the largest market in the island – and experience one of the most atmospheric places to dine: the Phu Quoc Night Market. With over 100 stalls to choose from, you will be able to taste traditional Vietnamese street food and delicious seafood.

8 – You can visit the oldest and largest fish sauce distillery in Vietnam

A short walk from Duong Dong market is Nuoc Mam Hung Thanh distillery, the largest of Phu Quoc’s fish-sauce makers. The main ingredient of so many Vietnamese dishes, it’s produced mainly on the island, and then shipped all over the world. You can take a tour of the distillery and learn all the secrets of this super tasty sauce.

9 – Pick a different island every day

Phu Quoc is made of 28 islands in total, most of which are uninhabited. Hop on a boat and find your private beach…

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