November 29th, 2017
Luxury Escapes Launches First Madagascar Tour: Why You Need To Go

Big news, travellers! Here at Luxury Escapes, we’ve launched our first ever Madagascar tour. Let’s have a look and see why this small group luxury tour truly is ‘a once-in-a-lifetime tour through a nature lover’s paradise’. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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Antananarivo - Madagascar Tour


France meets Africa in Antananarivo or ‘Tana’ as the locals call it. Colonised by the French in 1897 before becoming independent once more in 1960, Madagascar’s capital is a great place to experience the best of both cultures on your Madagascar tour – places like the Queens palace and the lively local markets are great examples of how these two can work together. Make sure you drop by one of the cheap but cheerful restaurants while here: the food is super tasty.

Isalo - Madagascar Tour

Isalo National Park

With over 340 species of animal and 400 species of plant, Isalo National Park is one of Madagascar’s most colourful and beautiful reserves. It’s often called the Malagasy Colorado as it’s full of mountains, waterfalls and rugged landscape. During your Madagascar tour, keep an eye on the trees and the rivers – you might be lucky enough to catch a lemur swinging through the trees or a rare Malagasy rainbow frog sitting on a rock.

Reniala - Madagascar Tour

Reniala Forest

Reniala Forest is dry, but wonderful. It’s home to one of the most unique ecosystems in the world – the ‘spiny forest’. Massive spiny bushes and old baobab trees grow freely here as little hedgehogs and Madagascar hawks go about their daily business, either rustling or flying over the light brown dirt below. If you get the chance on your Madagascar tour, try to find the park’s impressive giant baobab with a trunk spanning an 12.5 metres in diameter.

Lemur Island - Madagascar Tour

Lemur Island

Travellers who take the optional 14-day extended Madagascar tour are treated to Lemur Island in Andasibe – and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. You’ll get to wander around the lemur reserve as these furry fellas run and play around the area. Not only that, they’re known to jump on your shoulders and eat food from your hands! Definitely something to tell the kids at home about.

If Madagascar is on your bucket list, do it in style (and luxury) with our 11-day small group tour and save up to 36% at the same time.