June 14th, 2017
Fiji: Uncover The Islands’ Secrets

75% of visitors to this tropical destination come here for tourism and relaxation. It’s home to one of the most beautiful temples in the world, and (from a technical viewpoint due to time zones) it’s ahead of most of the rest of the world. We’re talking about the Fiji Islands, and here we’re going to help uncover some of its secrets.


As a country whose main economic backbone is tourism, most people interested in travel are aware of the islands to at least some degree. Unfortunately, this has meant that the islands have somewhat suffered from having a reputation as a ‘typical’ or even ‘boring’ destination. This is far from true. In fact, if you really go deep into the Fiji Islands, you’ll find yourself submersed within an incredible culture and place. A place which offers more than the shallow picture opportunities and beautiful sea views you probably associate with it.

To help you uncover the island’s secrets and get the most out of your travel experience, Cez and Agness have put together a list of the best locations hiding secrets, which you’ll be able to find on the island. Follow this guide and you’ll be sure to embark on a trip which is simply unforgettable.

Vanua Levu (Sandlewood Island)


Remember how we said that Fiji is ahead of the rest of the world? Well, obviously, this isn’t truly possible. However, if you want to get really technical, along Fiji lies the international date line. What that this mean? It means that somewhere in the islands, you can take one step and move between Monday and Sunday. Vanua Levu is that place.

As the second largest island in Fiji, Vanua Levu is hardly a secret. However, if you head out towards the remote tip of the island, you’ll find that 180 degree longitude line which divides the world between today and yesterday. Once you’ve found it, you can jump back and forwards in time to your heart’s content.

The area is probably more of a ‘secret’ due to its remoteness. Taveuni is much more well-known and more easily accessible. But the date line along Vanua Levu is arguably more beautiful and ‘secret’.



Ovalau island is the sixth largest in Fiji, yet being there it seems a lot smaller. Everyone is so familiar with each other, seems to follow the same routines, and live life one step at the time. It’s as though you were walking into an exotic village which took its time to get things done and then did them in a relaxed way. However, Ovalau is still home to many home comforts and ‘necessities’ for keeping yourself as comfortable as possible.

The island’s slow pace of life is a point of pride for the locals. They revel in relating their stories to you, despite the fact that many have likely rarely (If ever) seen an outsider. The island is truly (at the time of writing) untouched by the tourism industry, and proves a perfect place to uncover a secret (but not hidden) side of Fiji.

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If you’re looking for a particularly more unknown attraction, head to the town of Levuka, find a guide, and hike up to Lovoni. From the top of this spot, you’ll find yourself on the edge of a volcanic crater, looking down on the world below. Incredible.

Northern Islands

Fiji’s Northern islands aren’t as well-known as they should be. It’s probably because visitors have been keeping their unspoiled beauty a secret for a long time. Sure, up here you’ll find the number one, and most incredible hotel in Fiji, but you’re also able to see a lot more beauty as well.


The northern islands offer incredible opportunities. Taveuni and Savusavu are worth a visit by those looking to fuel their adrenaline. Diving, sea kayaking, Wild boar hunting, jumping through the international date line (again!), hot springs, and natural lava waterslides are only a few of the things available on these islands.

Also in the Norther islands, you’ll find some of the most incredible surf spots in the world. The island of Qamea is particularly good for surfing, surrounded by a natural reef which can cause waves to break on the south-east and south-west swells. The great thing about this Fiji surf spot is that there is almost guaranteed to not be anyone else there with you. It’s mostly unheard of, despite the awesome experience it offers.



It’s got one town and only a couple of roads, but it’s still one of the best kept secrets in Fiji. Kadavu is home to the world-renowned Great Astrolabe Reef, which you may of heard about. But spend a bit of time of the island itself, it’s one of the best places to experience true Fiji culture and there’s some great views as well.

The Floating Island

The floating island is a detached piece of land located in Vanua Levu. It’s known by locals as Valanato and is believe to be controllable by special priests or ‘spirit guides’. For many, the floating island is a spiritual place, prefaced by a long history surrounding a battle between gods. Even today, many of the locals believe that one of these gods still resides on the island, with eerie stories about the lake and island.


If you want to head to this unique destination, head to the village on Nabu in the north. It’s a long way from most places, but the trip is truly worth it. Locals will take you to the island in exchange for a gift. Kava (a type of crop plant) works well, but you can always give money if you prefer.


Of course, if you’re looking for another unforgettable experience in the water (although not so secret), the Cloud 9 seaborne bar glides over the waters of Vanua Malolo on the Ro Ro Reef.

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