August 15th, 2016
Fall in love with Vietnam’s coastal paradise Nha Trang

Nha Trang in southern Vietnam has become increasingly popular as a holiday destination – and it’s easy to see why –  this coastal city has something to offer to everyone!

We’ve listed some of the things you have to see, experience and eat when travelling to this stunning part of the world.

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 Amazing beaches

The number one reason people flock to Nha Trang is for the beaches, and who can blame them? This seaside destination offers long stretches of white sand and crystal clear waters set against a stunning backdrop of lush green mountains. Couple that with a dry season lasting from January to August and it’s easy to see why it is the most famous seaside town in Vietnam.

Days can easily be spent lounging along a hired deck chair soaking but keep in mind that there is mor to Nha Trang than just a beautiful beach. We suggest you leave that deck chair behind and open your mind and hearts to a culture worth exploring!

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Explore the history

Nha Trang is full of history and there is no better site to start than the Po Nagar Cham Towers. These towers were built between the 8th and 11th centuries by the Cham people. Their skill in sculpture and architecture is truly a sight to behold.

Adding to its wonder is its location; being situated on a hill just outside the city, it offers the perfect place to step back in time.


Take in the culture

Make sure to visit the Long Son Pagoda, which along with its detailed decorations and mosaic dragons tells a story of survival and rebirth. The Pagoda has been moved twice, been destroyed by nature and assaulted by war and yet it stands proudly today as one of the main sites of the city. The large white Buddha also offers some of the best views of Nha Trang and its surrounding rural areas.

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Chase waterfalls

If nature and adventure capture your heart, a visit to the Ba Ho Waterfalls is the perfect way to appreciate the mountain beauty of Nha Trang. Situated in the surrounding hills, there are three waterfalls to explore so put your hiking skills to the test. At each level you will be rewarded with lush green forests and crystal clear pools to cool off in.


Hop on a boat

Take a boat trip to the surrounding islands, like Hon Mun Island, which is closely situated to the hot-sea currents of the equator. Dive into the ocean and snorkel amongst the coral reefs, tropical fish and sea turtles.

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Relax and unwind

If relaxation is on your mind, Nha Trang offers many ways to unwind and recharge. Half a day can easily be spent immersing yourself in one of the many mud bath establishments that come complete with mineral pools, jacuzzis and body massages. Alternatively treat yourself to a Goi Dau, a Vietnamese hair wash at any local hairdresser. Enjoy the authentic way of getting a spa treatment in Vietnam and you will be rewarded with a dreamlike head massage, facial wash and shoulder massage.

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Immerse yourself in the local food

Finally, no trip to Nha Trang can ever be complete without appreciating the local food. This area has many notably specialties.

To start your day, try either the Bo Ne, a spicy steak with a fried eggs served with pate, chili sauce and toasted baguette or the Bun Cha Sua, a broth dish filled with rice vermicelli, jelly fish and steamed sailfish fillets.

For lunch you can’t go past the Nem Nuong. Taking a sheet of rice paper you fill it with picked green papaya, herbs, fermented pork and lettuce leaves and then dunk away in a spicy fish sauce. It is the perfect dish for a warm summer day.

Finally, for dinner indulge yourself at any seafood restaurant scattered throughout the area. Locally sourced prawns, squid, crab and jellyfish takes on a whole new level of freshness when it is caught from the waters in front of you.