January 3rd, 2018
Colourful Festivals Around the World

From the electric atmosphere in Rio de Janiero to the theatrics in Venice, we take a look at the most colourful festivals around the world.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When: 9 – 17 February 2018

Brazilian flair abounds at Rio de Janeiro’s iconic non-stop party that brings over two million people per day onto the streets of the city for lively samba music, bedazzled outfits and endless caipiroska cocktails. While tickets are needed for the main parade at the Sambódromo, visitors won’t have to look far for a 24-hour street party or spot of revelry on the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches.

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Venice, Italy

When: 27 January – 13 February 2018

A tradition since the 13th century, Venice’s world-famous Carnevale di Venezia begins with an opening ceremony on the banks of the gondola-dotted Cannaregio and ends with an exclusive grand ball in the Ca‘ Vendramin Calergi palace. Think theatrical hand-made Venetian masks, elaborate atelier-created costumes and decadent cakes made with Limoncello.

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Ice and Snow Festival
Harbin, China

When: Now until 25 February 2018

Expect towering, intricate carvings over 45-metres-high at the world’s biggest ice sculpture festival where the theme is white, icy white. Over 10,000 workers haul blocks of ice and chip away at them for hours to create sculptures that have previously included giant Buddhas, cartoon characters and mythical creatures.

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Multiple locations

When: 1 – 2 March 2018

Hindus around the world celebrate the annual ‘festival of colours’, but the biggest Holi festivities take place in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Everyone, regardless of age, gender or race is fair game to be covered in the perfumed coloured powder as a celebration of Krishna and Radha’s love, stopping only to enjoy a traditional snack of sweet spiced milk and buttery flatbread.

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