January 4th, 2018
Australia’s Best Secret Beaches

From seemingly infinite, deserted shores in Victoria to hidden slices of paradise in Queensland, here are five of Australia’s best secret beaches to bask on.

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Dreamtime Beach, NSW

Concealed in northernmost NSW, on a crooked finger of land, lies a beach that more than lives up to its promising name. Strewn with black rocks and basalt cliffs that contrast the ivory sand, this ancient littoral landscape is rich in Aboriginal heritage. Stroll the length of this sweeping beach with your toes in the foaming waters or extend your limbs along its shoreline
and gaze out at the island marooned in the South Pacific ahead.

Friendly Beaches, TAS

Tasmania’s east coast is laden with award-worthy stretches of sand, but few boast the same untamed feel and lack of crowds as Friendly Beaches. Part of the wildly beautiful Freycinet National Park, this secret local
spot attracts fishers and surfers and is ideal for a long dawn walk as the sun’s rose-gold glow illuminates the coastline.

Waratah Bay, VIC

The Great Ocean Road typically steals the limelight when it comes to coastal Victoria, but the opposite side of the bay offers ample pickings for escaping to the water’s edge. Nowhere is this more evident than at Waratah Bay. A belle of Gippsland beaches, this unspoilt shoreline supplies 15 kilometres of fine, buttermilk-hued sand and few souls to share it with.

Froggy’s Beach, QLD

Tucked away between two famous surf beaches and sunken below banks drenched in greenery is a small wedge of sand that only Coolies know. Amble down the boardwalk and across the powder sugar sand before sinking into the shallow, warm waters that lap at the shoreline while watching surfers patrolling the breaks.

Turtle Bay, WA

Awe-inspiring beaches are in plentiful supply in WA, but this beach, on this remote island cast into the Indian Ocean, features a draw beyond neon blue waters and Hollywood-smile-white silica: bountiful marine life. Giant manta rays, humpback whales and dugongs are just some of the island’s regular visitors, which you may spot on Turtle Bay’s shores.