November 10th, 2017
A Flight to Remember: Discover Antarctica in Just One Day

Known for its snow-capped peaks, jagged glaciers and endless plains of ice, here’s how you can discover the frozen beauty of Antarctica in just one day.

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Few places on earth are as isolated as they are magical, and the virtually uninhibited continent of Antarctica sits at the top of the list when it comes to remote beauty and awe-inspiring scenery. Once only considered by explorers and scientists, nowadays big dreamers and bucket-list travellers looking for their next once-in-a-lifetime experience are turning to Antarctica Flights for the most unique day out in the world.

A ticket on a one-day Australia to Antarctica sightseeing flight is the easiest (and warmest) way to witness the snow-covered landscape of this vast continent. Tickets start at $1,199 for an economy seat, with a coveted place in ‘Ice Class’ costing $7,999 and including the finest champagne and rotating sleeper seats to make the most of the views.

Passports aren’t needed, and a privately chartered commercial plane provides a comfortable setting for like-minded travellers to enjoy premium drinks (gin and tonics are in high demand!), delicious meals and bespoke service, all while gazing out the window at the million-dollar views.

The flight takes around twelve hours and approximately three hours south of Australia passengers will start to catch glimpses of scattered icebergs. Within moments the landscape will have completely unveiled itself as a glittering white canvas with the bright blue sky almost seamlessly joining with the ripples of cyan, navy and azure that make up the iceberg-dotted ocean.

Fellow passengers include expert Antarctic expeditioners who are on hand to talk about the polar environment and its history with video screenings to depict life on the ground. Plus, if the zoom on your camera is strong enough, you may be able to spot waddles of emperor penguins, whales or spotted leopard seals.

What’s more, those looking for a truly unique experience can ring in the new year with an extra special flight taking adventure lovers over Antarctica at midnight with a live jazz band on board for that added touch of sky-high luxury.