March 10th, 2016
10 reasons to visit Lombok

You only need to scroll through page one of the Google images for Lombok to be sold on this Indonesian island as a holiday destination.

Steep, peaked mountains covered in greenery tumble towards flawless coral oceans, with only a few boutique honeymoon haunts interrupting nature in-between. From culture to culinary delights, and luxury day spas to hiking trails, these are just a few of the many great reasons you need to visit the island of Lombok.

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Lombok is home to the Gili Islands

People tend to sashay their way to “the Gilis” presuming the islands are an offshoot of Bali, when in fact they are nestled right beside Lombok – Gili Air being a measly one kilometre away. This island trio is the kind of sloped palm trees and pristine beaches destination that screensavers are made of, and they abound in opportunities for luxury, nightlife and activities of the sea.

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It’s home to many great hikes

Adventure enthusiasts could spend several days tapping into the hiking trails on offer on Lombok, alternating between the 3726 metres of Mount Rinjani and the crater lake of Segara Anak. Though some of them are quite breathtaking – in the physically exhaustive sense – the reward when you reach the top makes it well worth the effort.

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It introduces Indonesia beyond Bali

Within Indonesia’s archipelago of over 18,00 islands, Bali is an anomaly. It deviates from many of the social, political and religious norms of Indonesia, and is considered the pariah and naughty middle-child of the country. Though we personally have zero complaints about Bali and her magnificently unique ways, it is nice to dabble in Indonesia beyond the main tourist pulau. With a hefty history and distinct culture, we can’t imagine a better candidate than Lombok.

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There’s a beach with legitimately pink sand

Fairy-floss aficionados and Instagram addicts will know of the natural beauty that is Lombok’s Pink Sand Beach. Known as Pantai Tangsi in Indonesian, this Barbie doll location is found in the East Lombok region of Jerowaru, and will wow you to tears with its natural beauty. The pink hue is supposedly a result of coral, a nod to the underwater world that sits around the island.

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It is easily accessible from Bali

Whether you want to charter a private helicopter, stick to the seas in a speedboat or take a 30-minute flight with Lion Air, Wings Air or Garuda, you’re not likely to be overwhelmed by the journey from Bali to Lombok. In fact, if you find yourself sailing across the Lombok Strait on a calm day, it’s actually a lovely day out.


It even has a Kuta…

…and dare we be so brutally honest, it’s better than the one on Bali.

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Photo courtesy

It’s covered in stunning mosques

Again highlighting its differences to Bali, Lombok is named ‘The Land of A Thousand Mosques,’ housing many of Indonesia’s 600,000 structures for Islamic worship. Many of them are architecturally incredible and symbolic of the island’s cultural past. The newly built Mataram Islamic Centre is proof that this culture is not at great risk of faltering.

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Photo courtesy

Lombok is a culinary haven

Why has Bali managed to become such an eating extravaganza? Most likely because its climate allows the growth of enviable produce, and Lombok is just as fortunate. Nothing says holidays quite like waking up to fresh fruits of mangosteen, dragonfruit and salak whilst your personal chef whips free-roaming chicken’s eggs into your daily omelet.


Its tagline of “an unspoiled Bali” speaks truth

It’s hard to find a stretch of beach in Bali that hasn’t  been tampered with and stomped on by the foot of tourism. Meanwhile, Lombok remains largely intact, with sprawling fields of coconut palms and endless untouched beaches still on offer.

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You can go pearl shucking

If there’s anything more rewarding than going under water, sifting through oysters, and popping back up having harvesting your very own South Sea golden pearl, we would like to know about it!

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