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Discover a unique collision of culture and natural beauty - from the bustling streets of New York and cliff-hugging roads of Big Sur to the small islands off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and the street food stalls that decorate the streets of Mexico City.

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USA & Mexico
USA & Mexico Destination Guide

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Experience a corner of the world so diverse in culture, natural wonders and climate. A corner of the world that can take you from the coastal paradise of Mexico’s Tulum to the rugged, snow-capped peaks of California’s Yosemite National Park. A corner of the world where you can feast on anything from Texan chili and Mexican tacos al pastor to Philadelphia’s famous cheesesteak.

Best time to Visit:

With a diverse climate that can take you from snowy winters and scorching summers to tropical temperatures and rainy seasons; you’ll need to ensure you plan your trip according to time of the year and your destination.

East Coast USA

A country of extremes, it is often best to travel to the USA in between winter and summer. Spring or Autumn will have you encountering ideal temperatures all the way from New York down to Florida. It’s best to avoid travelling to the east coast in December – February (peak winter) and July – September (peak summer).

West Coast USA

Encompassing the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington; there is reason to visit the east coast of the USA at any time of the year. Your interests, budget and bucket-list activities will influence the time of year you visit. Peak season typically falls between June – August; where the crowds are buzzing, attractions are swarmed, and accommodation prices soar. We recommend visiting outside these months when the weather—and crowds—are milder.


The ideal time to visit Mexico is during the dry season (between December and April) when rain is scarce, temperatures reach a comfortable 28℃, and you can travel from azure beaches to the heart of Mexico City in one fabulous trip.

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Attractions & Things to Do

There is a seemingly endless list of attractions and activities for a part of the world that is so diverse in culture, landscape and way of life. Wander through the wide, city light-filled streets of New York City; experience the local Venezuelan neighbourhoods of Miami; satisfy your inner artist at Mexico City’s famed Frida Kahlo Museum; and hit the pillowy slopes of Colorado’s Aspen.

If you’re a big city explorer, make sure you read our insider’s guide to San Francisco or our local’s guide to trendy downtown Manhattan. Often it’s best to balance out a sight-seeing, city break with a little bit of nature. Luckily, this corner of the world is bursting with everything from national parks that are just as magnificent in winter as they are in summer, to acres of rolling vineyards that you’ll only discover in some of the world’s most beautiful wine countries. If you like to treat yourself with a generous tipple, check out our guide to the fabulous Sonoma County. Though if you’re a hiker at heart, our guide to Yosemite National Park—one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes—will have you off to a good start.

Then jet off to sunny Mexico to witness the incredible Mayan ruins that dot the country, swim in the cobalt blue waters of Tulum’s spectacular cenotes (a natural underground reservoir of water) and feel the pulse of Mexico City’s historic centre.

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The Gastronomy

Being so close to each other, much of the food found across the USA has touched some sort of Mexican influence. Be it the succulent fish tacos that are so popular along California’s coastline to the famous hybrid Tex-Mex cuisine that is woven throughout the USA’s 50 states and can be found anywhere from fast food eateries to high-end Manhattan restaurants.

Though there is much more to the culinary scene of this diverse corner of the world than Mexico’s street side taco stands and America’s $1 pizza slices. Mexico and the USA boast some of the best restaurants in the world. You’ve got New York’s elite Eleven Madison Park, that has been named The Best Restaurant in the World; you’ve got Philadelphia’s Israeli restaurant, Zahav, that has made waves in the world’s culinary scene; and you’ve got Mexico City’s award-winning omakase dinner at Pujol. No matter which state you find yourself in—or which corner of Mexico—you won’t be short of fabulous dining options.

Australian Visa: Do I Need One?

When travelling internationally, a visa may be required to the destination you are visiting. It is each traveller’s responsibility to ensure they are holding a current visa. Please take the time to visit our preferred vendor website Visa’s Direct to assist you with any visa application requirements and processes.


Please ensure that you have a current passport before travelling. Your passport needs an accurate photo and should be valid for at least six months after you are scheduled to return home. It should also have at least two blank pages left for passport stamps.

Allow plenty of time if you need to send your passport to the Passport Office for renewal, particularly prior to peak travel periods.

All travellers, especially honeymooners, should ensure that names in passports are those given out on the booking form. Airline tickets must be booked in the same name that appears on your passport.

It is useful to carry photo ID with you at all times, so get several good quality photocopies. This also makes replacing a lost passport easier.

Government Travel Advice

The safety of our travellers is the utmost importance. With your safety in mind, we monitor world events very closely, however we recommend visiting the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Smart Traveller website to stay informed.

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